Circle K at Valdosta and the Great and Powerful GA District

Hello my name is Brent Leslie. I am the immediate past Charter club President and the current Southern Division Lt. Governor for the Great and Powerful GA District of CKI. I am going to remain the web master for our web page.

Valdosta State University is a regional university located in southern Georgia. Circle K is a service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. We are one of the most active clubs on campus. Please feel free to drop us a line on our Guestbook.

Local Club and District Officers

Our officers are the following

Marjanka Amari - President

Hope Ellison - Vice President

Stephanie White - Secretary

David Brown - Treasurer

Committee Chairs

Sam Barber - Social Chair

Trina Webb - Service Chair

Joe Dupree - K-family Relations

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Mike Eaves

Kiwanis Sponsor

Kiwanis Club of Valdosta


Jennifer Long - Dist. Gov

Lori Vollmer - Dist. Sec

Jennifer McKee - Dist. Trea

Lilly Hernandez - Bulletin Ed.

Lt. Governors

Angie Baldwin - Northwest Division

Thomas Hancock - Northeast Division

Brent Leslie - Southern Division

Dawnee' Loggins - Central Division

GA District Chairs

Service Initiative -

Con / Con - Tyler Knowles

K-Family / Social - Linh Nguyen

MD&E / LRP - Matthew Erickson

Southern NCBC - Julie Bailey

Northern NCBC - Shital

GA District Administrators

District Administrator - Dave Kelly

Asst. Administrator - Dia Kelly

Asst. Administrator - Denny Durick

Asst. Administrator -

Convention Update

!!!### We felt the Magic ###!!!

Meeting Time will be posted at a later date

Upcoming events & Projects.

Sept. 18th - GA District Board Meeting

Oct. 1-3rd - GA District Road Trip ( South )

Oct. 9th - Southern Division Rally ( Wesleyan )

Recent Events:

This year proves to be one of the best and brightest the GA District of Circle K has ever had. This years District Board has made plans and set goals that will completely revamp how the District is run.

At Valdosta State this is no different. This year we plan to incease membership by 50% as well as continue our tireless dedication to our schools and community. We have an incredible board with just the right mixture of old and new officers. Our immediate past President Brent Leslie is in the process of shaping the new southern division into the pride of the District.

Hope Ellison is our new President. She is a sophmore this year. She is taking over for our other President who is transfering to another school. Stephanie white is back again as our Club Secretary. This past year she won outstanding club Secretary award for the Georgia District. David Brown returns again as Treasurer. He has some incredible ideas for Fundraisers for the fall.

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